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This introductory dive into the world of Unaffordable housing, will uncover information for new and returning renter’s, surrounding independent housing versus supportive housing options; and Market rate versus Subsidized housing.

We’ll also discuss simple ways to address and overcome historical barriers (Evictions/UDs, criminal convictions, lack of rental history, low/no credit score, mental/physical handicaps).

And state/federal programs that can assist with a never-ending rental bill; most importantly, programs that may even pay all or part of rental fee(s)!



This comprehensive course is designed to enhance, explore and learn creative ways to secure and maintain housing.

Renting isn’t for us all, but for us all, renting was how we got started. Class material surrounds excellence in housing tenure and discussions around, "What's Next" for Your housing?

This course is for the individual that has experience as a Legal tenant. ALL course work will surround a higher level of independence in housing. Either it be independent housing, changes or upgrades in housing, or working towards home ownership.​



This graduate level housing course is ONLY for individuals or couples who have outgrown renting and are looking for a place to call home.

This course is a mixture of group discussions, exercises, research and planning.


The purchase of property is an American's most expensive life acquisition. Without proper planning, a Dream can never become a Reality.​ Come secure your Blueprint TODAY.


There's Oil in Housing!

This certified wealth building course examines how everyday folks like us, can

find generational wealth in real estate!

Discover our highly-technical, 4-step model for building wealth in real estate. Broken down into a 3-hour interactive workshop; mixing fun with highly informative information. 


If financial freedom is your goal – then there’s Oil in Housing for you too!

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding
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