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Is a native of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and co-owner of Kwik Transport, LLC. Leonard enjoys spending quality time with his kids and grandchildren and is a collector of rare comic books and statues, recognized by the Comics Studies Society ( Through his philanthropic endeavors, he directly volunteers his time providing food support to local residents, organizing park beautification events, and as the Secretary for 1 Day At A Time. Leonard’s long-term goal is to purchase an extensive plot of land here in Greater, Minnesota.

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Is a Sales Incentive Analyst at Bright Health Group. Krista has been in this career field for 13 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Saint Catherine University, majoring in Business-to-Business Sales. She is currently looking at programs to pursue her master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Organizational Leadership. In her free time, she enjoys assisting small businesses in creating an effective business plan, consulting on the creation of financial policies, and providing an edification on the best marketing platforms for their business. She also volunteers at battered women shelters and is a host Mom to multiple animal rescues. Krista also loves to travel, sit on the beach, and explore different cultures.

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Is currently the Program Manager at Dispute Resolution Center working towards unique solutions in Conflict Resolution.  With experience in construction and housing support, Jonathan is dedicated to housing equity in the Twin Cities. He is also the Chair of the Board for 1 Day At a Time.

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