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Proper investing in real estate takes precise planning – Introducing the 4-8-32


This certified wealth building course examines how everyday folks like us, can

find generational wealth in real estate!

Discover our highly-technical, 4-step model for building wealth in real estate. Broken down into a 3-hour interactive workshop; mixing fun with highly informative information. 


If financial freedom is your goal – then there’s Oil in Housing for you too!


Training Time: 3 Hours

​* Participant Capacity:​ 30​

THE "4-8-32" Principle

  1. Money is and will ALWAYS be an EXPENDABLE resource.

  2. It takes time to use someone else's money!

  3. Traditional investing is antiquated, outdated and archaic...STOP!

  4. Understand your credit score and respect the DTI 


  • Home Buying Guide (Certified by MN Attorney General Keith Ellison)​

  • Invaluable Resource Material​


  • Effective Best Practices​


  • Creative Discernment Techniques​


  • Various Funding Streams


  • Direct referral to a Real Estate Agent with over 30 years of experience; Debbie’s job isn’t done until your dreams of ownership come true!​


  • A seasoned Broker; Ron will make sure your blueprint stays on course and will answer any questions or concerns you have along the way!

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