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Single Adults -
Professional Development

The proper fine tuning of a business professional happens slowly and purposefully as we do business. Learn how 1DAAT’s savvy Mentors add breadth to your business connections and depth to your resume, while modeling invaluable tips for attaining the career of your dreams!

  • In-person meeting etiquette, Zoom meeting etiquette, optimizing organization for business success, email and professional correspondence techniques, business professional dress tips, Resume enhancement, career & technology assessment. 

    Fees Vary. Let’s discuss Your options. 


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in the community

Incarceration is over, but where does your liberation begin? Free of confinement, but in search of a new community? Come let 1DAAT, support you through a transition out from under institutional repetition. 

  • Employment referrals, housing navigation, support groups, wellness services, holistic treatment options, Banking & Credit 101 and assistance acquiring vital documents. 

  • 1DAAT is currently ONLY providing Reentry services for:

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