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Overcoming Homelessness,
1 person, 1 day at a time

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


1DAAT’s experiential learning environment, has assisted over 1,000 Single Adults and Families with housing in rental properties, single family homes, Trailor Parks, and as homeowners, since our inception as a “for-profit” housing educational agency, in April of 2016. Formerly McLemore Holdings, Inc. 

Over 150 Single Adults and Families housed every year!

Nearly 700 students have participated in our Housing Continuum Courses. 

 588 graduating adults from our Housing Continuum courses

 84% housing success

rate, for our graduating participants.

Happy Family

1DAAT has assisted over 100 Single Adults and Families in secure their first home!

  • Holistic Services with a foundation in Restorative practices

  • Staff that reflect the community we serve

  • Business Professional Modeling

  • Bridging referral partner

  • Coordinated Entry referrals

  • Ramsey County Continuum of Care (Homeless Prevention Partnership)

  • Supporter of the “Association of Black Psychologist”

WHAT 1daat CLIENTS say


“My experience working with the 1DAAT has been great!  Tierre has been professional, understanding and very patient with me throughout this process. It’s obvious that he is a dedicated worker and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure things are done efficiently and in a timely manner.  I am grateful for all 1DAAT’s help.”

 K. Pankey

Image by Brock Wegner

“Reentry isn’t about staying out – it’s about picking up the pieces of your life in a timely manner – then moving on with your life and never looking back!”


– Anonymous client

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