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Are you a SAINT PAUL renter in need of emergency rental assistance? We have you covered!


At 1DAAT, our team of dedicated community experts are ready to help connect you to the financial support services you need.

Documents Needed in order to APPLY!​

  1. Rent Ledger or Lease Agreement (Ledger showing ALL arrears & late payments)

  2. 2020 Tax Returns OR 60-days Pay Stubs, OR 2020/2021TIC, GA, MA, WIC, 2020 CHAP, FAMI, SNAP, MFIP, OR a GRH, PHA Verification

  3. If applicable: Utility Bill (Showing TOTAL utility balance)

If you’re looking for help, contact us at 

1-800-991-7036 or

We are committed to getting you caught up on

rent and back on track.

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Attention: Emergency Housing Voucher recipients, need help identifying housing options with your EHV??

Frequently asked Questions

  • What exactly is an Emergency Housing Voucher?

  • What if I can't find a place to live in 120 days?

  • What is an extension?

  • Where do I look?

  • I heard landlords will not rent to people with housing assistance?

  • What if I have other "barriers" that could impact my housing?

Let our expert consultants answer all of your questions and many more. Securing housing where and how you choose can be an intimidating and scary process!

*Disclaimer: This limited time service is free of charge ONLY to Saint Paul EHV recipients in need of housing search assistance.

In  partnership with Saint Paul Public Housing Authority

Image by Jamie Street
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